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I'm back & lots has changed!! :))

To answer everyone’s questions, am I still doing readings?? YES. I took a break for a bit in 2020-2021 due to health reasons and then began doing readings part time shortly thereafter due to the workload in my Doctor of Chiropractic program. I now do readings on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays CST. If you need another day due to your schedule, please message me and we can work something out if possible :)


Why have my readings changed in length?! One thing I REALLY struggled with in the first year of business was what I could and couldn’t realistically handle. As many of you reading this know, my readings used to be 2 hours and I’d sometimes go longer. While I loved giving yall those readings, it was becoming too much for me to take on and I had to eventually be realistic both with myself and with you guys in terms of what I can and can’t handle so I can show up at 100 percent for yall and give you what you paid for.


What is a somatic practitioner? During my health break I took a few years back, I became certified as a Somatic Stress Release Practitioner and an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist. I now offer separate sessions for these and will incorporate some of these modalities at the end of each reading if time permits. I decided to do this due to the amount of repeating trauma patterns I would see in the readings I was doing. I wanted to find a way to help you guys add tools to your toolbox for nervous system maintenance and regulation. Readings can sometimes bring up unwanted traumatic memories and events also. Having the necessary tools to help maintain balance is key.


Why has your pricing changed? With the type of readings I do, they require a LOT of preparation time and energy physically, mentally, and emotionally. It takes me on average roughly one hour to prepare for each reading. The change in price was due to factoring in preparation time in addition to the length of each reading.


Product?? YES,  you read that correctly, I now sell stickers and ironically, lol, crystals on occasion located under the Shop link on my site! If you guys have suggestions for new sticker ideas you’d like to see, feel free to share and I’ll try my best to create them. Also if you’re ever interested in having your reading scribbles I send you pictures of after I finish your reading made into framed artwork, please reach out! This is something I’ve been considering doing for those who are interested for a while but want to see if the demand is there first.


Why the rebrand? For the past few years, I was trying to figure out how to remain in the spiritual practice space and be realistic about it. One thing I want to make clear to you guys and everyone, is yes, I love doing readings for yall, and I’m also a very realistic person who’s incredibly passionate about human rights and validating people’s traumas. There was a time where I felt I resonated with the love and light narrative and now I no longer do. I don’t feel this is realistic and it seems to be a means to mask what’s really going on and to place people on pedestals which I’m against. Trying to consistently keep up with being love and light and “good” is honestly exhausting, and simply unrealistic. It’s also dehumanizing. We’re all human and (healthy) anger is a very valid emotion that is absolutely necessary for healing and growth. We’re no longer apologizing for being ourselves or not being high vibrational. To be honest, I beat myself up for that for years and it only hurt me, never helped me. I feel the most grounded when I’m actually feeling all of my emotions and embracing my anger, sadness, and grief. Not when I’m completely dissociating from myself and my body in order to appear high vibrational. This is a really unhealthy narrative I no longer support. I’m also a big believer in meshing science with spirit and evidence based practices.


Are you Neurodivergent? Yes, I am. One thing I discovered last year was that I am both ADHD and Autistic (High Functioning, and I see the issues with this label so please feel free to provide me with another label I can use in place of this if you are educated on this topic as I am not educated enough on it yet). I also have C-PTSD and it’s why I’m very careful with the way I articulate the messages coming through in my readings. To me, it’s important to not induce anxiety or catastrophizing via my readings and to help foster a safe, healthy space in which you as the client can receive and make sense of the messages coming through in order to help provide clarity, peace, and purpose.


Why have you been off social media for so long? My relationship with Instagram specifically, is a weird one. Due to my Neurodivergence, I have a lot of sensory issues and because of how sensitive I am to energy also, Instagram especially, overwhelms me. I can energetically protect myself all day, and at the end of the day, I am still Autistic and ADHD and I must accommodate my sensory needs. It’s something I will be slowly reintroducing as I learn to balance this with my sensory differences. New photos coming also since the currents are giving 2012 lol. I do however, love TikTok and will be uploading more videos there soon before it's banned :(


If I have not reached out to you in a while and you are receiving this email, please reach out to me as I sometimes forget who I have and have not responded to so my apologies in advance and thank you for your patience with me as I have navigated the past few years in how I wanted to show up again for myself and for you guys.


I love you all, chat very soon! :)




In Gratitude,

Kelsey Crystal


Pisces/Pisces/Leo (tropical)

Aqua/Aqua/Cancer (sidereal)

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