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I'm Back!!! Whoop!!!

Updated: May 5, 2022

HEY YALL!! After a lengthy hiatus for both my mental + physical health, I am officially back on social media YAYAYYAYY!!

Thank you to everyone for your continued patience, understanding, kindness & support, I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know

I have added a few updates to my services including my new 1.5 hour sessions in addition to my Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy training which I will now be incorporating into my readings moving forward as a way to help my clients release trauma which has manifested as dis-ease in the body through movement.

As I used to say, releasing trauma blocks = alignment = manifestation

Now I say, releasing trauma blocks = balance

Because trauma never goes away and we never fully heal from it. We create capacity around it and for it and release what’s not meant for us so it doesn’t manifest as dis-ease in the body and chakras this is important to understand. Note the language change

I am no longer offering 2 hour sessions as they took too much out of me. During my social media hiatus, I have found balance both internally and externally. Part of that balance is being able to show up at 100 percent for both myself and my clients. I’m not able to show up at 100 percent if I’m constantly burned out and as much as I loved my two hour sessions, I ended up very sick from taking on more than I could realistically handle and I apologize for anyone I may have affected When you’re unable to show up at 100 percent for yourself or others, it’s a shitty feeling for all parties involved. I had to integrate my shadow (stubbornness + perfectionism) and realize I can’t show up for y’all if I can’t show up for myself fully Former perfectionist, super stubborn Pisces here. Where’s the rest of my perfectionist stubborn Pisces at?!??

As much of a benefit I know the two hour sessions were for y’all, NEED NOT WORRY , because there will be even MORE benefit in the new 1.5 hour (90 minute) sessions as I will be incorporating my somatic training plus teaching helpful tools & tips on how to protect, ground & disconnect energy in addition to the channeled messages. WHOOP!!!

You can check out all my new updates here in the top right corner dropdown menu!

I’m SO excited to be back in this space and grateful for each and every one of you who have continued to support me and show up for yourselves during our sessions

I love and appreciate you all!!! ️


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