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Who I Am

Hi!! I'm Kelsey :) Crystal is my middle name! I’m a Clairvoyant Medium, Somatic Practitioner and currently in school completing my Doctor of Chiropractic and Diplomate in Functional Neurology :) I'm also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, and a Medium. I'm able to see, hear, and feel messages and colors, feel others physical pain on my body, pick up mold in houses that I've never seen, and communicate with deceased loved ones. I was born with each of these and they developed stronger and stronger the older I became and the more life experiences I enduredI’ve been doing readings for 4 years and currently have clients in the US (where I’m located), London, Australia, India, Germany, Canada, Iceland and Tanzania.

You can read my testimonials above, check out my blog posts, and book your appointment as well! My goal is to touch everyone with empathy and acceptance and teach everyone to accept and empower themselves without limitations and to help support them through their grievance. We don't need to be "love and light" or "fully healed" as we are all human and this is not sustainable.


One of the main reasons I began doing readings was because I wanted to change the trajectory of psychic mediums. I was tired of hearing and seeing ones saying unhelpful things to their clients and not being trauma informed. I think if you’re going to help people, especially with sensitive topics, you should have some type of formal training in trauma to help your clients feel safe, instead of saying things that could be potentially harmful. I have over 200+ hours of trauma training through The Embody Lab and am currently in the Somatic Experiencing International for professionals level 1 cohort, (you can see which programs I’ve done in my certifications/credentials section). And, to those reading this, there is nothing “wrong” with you and you don’t need to be on a higher vibration to be “healed” ;) I also wanted to help women find answers to health conditions they’ve been searching for answers on. To preface, I can not and do not diagnose during my readings, I simply communicate what I pick up and then refer out. I struggled with my own health conditions for years without answers and I understand the distress it can cause. This is not synonymous with my schooling and will not be used in congruence with my work once I am a licensed doctor.I have a very strong passion for health due to my own health trauma, and my readings. I love both equally as much! I am now incorporating somatic tools into my 1 hour sessions to allow enough time in addition to the reading :) I do not use cards during my readings. I intuitively draw as that is how I connect and receive the messages, also known as automatic writing :)


I'm also a medium so yes, I communicate with deceased loved ones. One really important part of grief is allowing yourself to feel what needs to be felt and creating capacity to do this, and finding closure, however that may look for you. I’m a firm believer in both science and spirit and I believe and have confirmed through my readings, once someone passes, their spirit lives on and can communicate with us. A common question I get is “why aren’t my deceased loved ones communicating with me?” They usually are. It can sometimes be difficult to pick up on the signs if we aren’t familiar with what they look like or aren’t ready to receive them. Usually, a deceased loved one will communicate to someone like myself, as a liaison between themselves and the person they’re attempting to communicate with in order to get the messages through.


I hear, feel, and see messages, (technically meaning I’m Clairaudient, Clairvoyant and Clairsentient), and I’m a Medium, all by birth. I’m also Neurodivergent and it’s something I’m really proud of :) and I encourage everyone to seek a diagnosis for from a licensed professional if you feel you may also be on the spectrum. I have been able to hear, feel, and see messages and communicate with deceased loved ones since I was a child. It became stronger the older I got and the more trauma I endured, ironically.


I don’t do reiki and I don’t support it. If this is something you’re looking for, please search elsewhere. I do readings only and that will not be changing :)


I’m a firm believer in both logic and intuition as they both go hand in hand. Science and spirit. Holistic remedies and vaccines. Medications and therapy. Human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, indigenous rights, injustice, etc. Injustice and human rights is one of my special interests and it’s something I plan to work with once I finish my current school program as I plan to bring medical care to marginalized communities who don’t have access to proper medical care, (this will be a few years from now and is in the works).


To you who is reading this, no one is 100% healed. That’s not realistic and it’s not conducive to anyone’s healing. I don’t subscribe to that narrative nor promote it. This places people on pedestals and causes further division. My goal with my readings is to help you see things through the lens of self empowerment to continue on your healing journey and to help support you in your grieving process. Grief is an inextricably complicated and nuanced process that can not, and should not, be masked with “love and light” or toxic positivity in any form. Being human is something I’m passionate about and this entails feeling everything that needs to be felt. We’re all human and I’m here to support you in feeling human, and seeing your value through self empowerment through my readings.

Also, I am a Pisces sun, rising & mercury, with a Leo moon to those wondering :) (I’m always mistaken for an earth or fire sign), mostly water with a touch of fire ;) 

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this and I look forward to reading you! :) 


In Safety & Gratitude, 

Kelsey Crystal 

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I can not diagnose nor treat any conditions. Additionally, I cannot provide legal advice. If you are having thoughts of suicide or feel you need assistance with something that is beyond my scope of practice please contact your physician as soon as possible. 


Central Standard Time

Thursday: 5pm - 9pm

Friday: 12pm - 8pm

Saturday: 1pm - 8pm 


Please note my availability is limited due to my Doctor of Chiropractic class schedule. Thank you in advanced for your understanding and I look forward to reading you! 


Dallas, Texas

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