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How I Feel About Other Energy Healing Modalities

Updated: May 5, 2022

HEY YALL!! Thank you for coming to my page and taking the time to read my blog posts. It's been a while since I've made a blog post but this is something I feel very strongly about. To preface, yes I am a Clairvoyant Medium. This means I see visions, (I also hear and feel messages), and I can connect with deceased loved ones. Do I believe in other energy healing modalities such as Reiki and Tarot/Oracle? Yes. Do I use them myself? No. To preface, this isn't to bash anyone who uses these modalities. I believe everything has its place and that certain modalities are used for certain stages of one's healing evolution. I also believe duality and nuance are needed.

I personally know absolutely nothing regarding Tarot so I'm unable to speak on it. I know very little regarding Oracle and have used oracle for self guidance roughly four times total. Reiki I know pretty extensively and have experienced it from both reiki healing sessions done on me through multiple practitioners and having one attunement done, (attunements are what certify you in Reiki). I'll be honest, I used to be all for Reiki. I however, never once viewed it as being the portal to being psychic or intuitive. This is where I have reservations with both Reiki and the Reiki community.

There seems to be this notion that if one becomes certified in Reiki they will become an intuitive psychic master and this couldn't be any further from the truth. To preface, EVERYONE is intuitive. Yes you reading this, too. Everyone is intuitive but not everyone has the same Clair's - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance. In addition, everyone is intuitive but not everyone is a Medium. Meaning, everyone can either hear, feel, or see messages, (or all depending on which Clair's they have), but not everyone is able to connect with deceased loved ones. I have been asked many times in my career if I am a Reiki Master and I am not. I am 100 percent self taught in my readings and was born with every ability I have. I developed my abilities through my own trauma. The more trauma I endured, the stronger my abilities became and the more I was able to hear, feel and see messages from both the earth realm and deceased loved ones. The deeper levels of trauma, the thinner the veil becomes between this realm and the spirit realm.

There seems to be this pedestal most Reiki practitioners place themselves upon which I find to be quite dangerous. Anytime we are placing ourselves or anyone for that matter, on a pedestal, we are arguably stating they are "better" and we surrender our innate ability to lead our own lives and use discernment and our own intuition. There is also this false notion that Reiki is just love and light and there is nothing "bad" associated with it at all. This, in my opinion, is inherently dangerous for many reasons. First, we have to accept our own shadow and integrate it in order to be "love and light" or else we are preaching false notions of what we have been taught to believe love and light are. We must understand from a trauma perspective, there is nuance and duality in EVERYTHING on this planet. Failure to recognize and acknowledge that can be quite harmful to someone struggling with addiction, trauma, etc. Black or white thinking or going from extremes of love and light or nothing, is in my opinion, not conducive to one's healing and is a trauma response. Many people may disagree with my stance on this and I am okay with this and have accepted it for what it is. I should be able to share my thoughts and feelings without being gaslit or shamed.

Reiki is not trauma informed and out of my experiences I have had with the practitioners, they seem to shame people for feeling real emotions and label them as "low frequency/low vibrational." Which, to me, as someone who has CPTSD and understands trauma on a very deep level, labeling emotions on a scale like so can be extremely harmful and create a fawn response of constant people pleasing in order to avoid the "low vibrational" feelings. I have also had the experience of seeing how most Reiki practitioners will claim it can and will heal you completely. This is false speaking from experience and what I have seen with clients who were attuned and felt similarly. What did help heal me instead was regulating my nervous system, integrating my shadow side, and not avoiding reality by disassociating through love and light. This is a common fawn response used in the community in which they claim to be healed through love and light but have yet to integrate their shadow.

Lastly, I have heard many Reiki practitioners claim the energy of the person doing the Reiki is not transferred onto you during the session. That it is just the Reiki energy and not the energy of the person channeling it. This is false. Everything is energy; money, people, words, food, etc., literally everything. I have learned this through my own line of work in doing readings for three years, (I have done over 400 readings and have clients in 8 countries), in addition to my somatic training where we learned energy transfer is very real and can happen just by someone standing next to you, let alone channeling energy directly to you. I had my own personal experience with Reiki which I am not willing to share at this moment but I will when the moment feels aligned. I did however, remove my attunement myself and have never felt more confident about my decision. This post is not intended to shame, belittle, bash, invalidate, or harm anyone. It is simply me sharing my truth is all :)

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