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How I Knew I had My Abilities and How I Began Using Them

Updated: May 5, 2022

I get asked A LOT how I knew I had all of my gifts that I have and what prompted me to begin using them and honestly, my answer always varies because I have so many different answers and so many different life situations that led me to finally believe in myself enough to begin using all of them.

Growing up, I was the kid that would "air write" as I called it. I would write words/messages in the air and I would see them being written back to me. I would have extremely strong vivid dreams that would play out exactly as I had dreamt them and I just had this strong sense of knowing things before they would happen.

The very first time I ever knew I was Clairvoyant, (psychic), was when I was 13 years old. I came home from school one day and my sister had stayed home sick. She had a boy over whom I had never met and knew nothing about. Mind you, this was long before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter came out and MySpace was just starting out but I didn't make a MySpace account until I was 16 lol! Out of nowhere I randomly listed everything he was wearing down to the color and brand, I knew exactly what he looked like, and I knew exactly where he lived. Mind you, my sister had told me nothing about him besides a boy was over because she didn't want me to tell my parents, lol.

I remember my sister being like "oh my god how did you know that?" and I was like "I honestly have no clue lol!" That was my very first psychic intuitive hit ever outside of dreaming and it was spot on! At the time I didn't know I was Clairvoyant and wasn't even sure if I fully believed that was a real thing back then. I was too young to know or even care really. I just assumed at that age that everyone had the same abilities as I did and that it was normal, lol!

My clairvoyance became stronger and stronger the older I became....

Throughout my teens, this happened quite frequently but I constantly ignored it. I grew up in a very toxic household where I was taught it was "wrong" to feel my emotions, had very controlling and narcissistic family members, and was always told I was wrong so I never believed in my abilities until recently, (correcting childhood trauma is imperative for this).

In my early twenties my older sister and I had become close and would hangout every weekend. She dated a lot of toxic men and surrounded herself with a lot of toxic friends as well. Every single toxic guy she dated I would pick up exactly what was going to happen and his childhood while knowing nothing about each guy. This was when she would very first meet each of them. She would always consult in me and ask what my opinion was on each of them because I was always spot on accurate about both future and past with each guy she dated. One day she said, "Kelsey I really think you're psychic" and I said "I think I am too lol!" I kept telling both her and other people I was psychic but no one believed in me yet at that point; therefore, I didn't believe in myself because I used to base my worth in others opinion's.

My spiritual awakening developed my gifts more than anything....

In 2017 during the middle of my spiritual awakening and severe health issues, I wasn't sure what was happening. I started being able to hear things, see things, feel things, and pick up mold in buildings in the exact location without it visibly showing. I remember the very first time I ever started hearing messages from spirit. I was sitting in my living room and all of a sudden out of nowhere I heard this super loud radio in my left ear playing classical music and a family laughing really loud and mumbled type talking. I asked my boyfriend at the time if he had heard it and he had no clue what I was talking about. I legitimately thought to myself what is going on lol! As my health worsened and my spiritual awakening became more intense from 2017 -2019, I began hearing, feeling, and seeing more and more.

The very first time I every knew I could pick up mold in buildings without visibly seeing it or without visibly seeing the building itself is a very interesting story to say the least....

I was living in an apartment and something kept telling me there was mold in the upper left corner ceiling of the shower. There was absolutely nothing visibly showing. No smell, nothing. But I knew in my gut it was there. I had my mold tester, Gerry, come test for it. He said "theres no sign of mold up there I really don't believe there is and I really think you'll be throwing your money down the drain if you test for this." But I was confident it was there. Low and behold, a few days later the results came back as extremely elevated penicillium/aspergillus which I also predicted that strain as well. I began telling Gerry I was a "mold medium" lol! This happened numerous times at different complexes. I was able to outsmart every mold testing company and find mold, locate exactly where it was in the building, and the strain of mold even when they said there wasn't any. I knew then that I was on to something.

I moved to Texas in December, 2018 and began doing my readings that month also. One day during a reading a client told me she wasn't feeling well and that was all that she told me. Mind you, I've never seen her house in person or in pictures as she lives in a different state. I asked if she had mold to the right of her dishwasher in the right upper cabinet, downstairs bathroom left ceiling, and behind fireplace. I also was able to pick up mold in her parent's house. She was floored. She gasped and said "oh my god you are right on the money! It truly amazes me how spot on you are and how you know all of this and I didn't tell you a thing lol!!" That was when I officially knew I could pick up mold in peoples houses that I had never seen.

I then picked up mold in a clients house who lives in another country I located exactly where it was even when mold testers told her there was none. She finally found the mold I located and is now finally for the first time in over three years, finding answers to her health issues and remediating her home.

Then, randomly one day in the middle of January 2019, I was eating lunch and all of a sudden everything in the room starting changing a pink/white color. I honestly thought someone had roofied my food LOL! I was so confused and scared!! I couldn't figure out what was happening. Then I noticed every reading I would do after that I would pick up the colors of the energy of the person I was reading and every single object in the room would turn that exact color it was the coolest thing ever! Now, if I meet someone with the same abilities as myself, the room will turn a very bright soft pink and white! I love it!!

I began incorporating all of these into my readings and have been able to help so many people now and I am truly so grateful for my abilities. It seemed as if the more trauma I endured, the more they developed, which I found quite interesting but it was all a part of the bigger plan for my purpose! Every day I thank God for blessing me with these unique abilities and I am forever grateful. I have been able to help so many people thus far and will continue to do so going forward! This is just the beginning :)

Thank you for reading.

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